Car hire East Africa

East African safaris tend to be more adventurous in case you consider a self drive safari. It gives you the opportunity to adjust your itinerary, tread the un beaten path as well as explore places by yourself.

For this reason, you might consider to hire a car depending on the size of your tour group, destination, gear shifting as well as the fuel consumption.

There are mainly five types of cars famous for self-drive safaris in East Africa.

  1. 5Door Rav4

The five door Rav4 is fit for 3 people though it is a five seater. This gives you ample space to carry your luggage, including camping gear.

A self drive might cost US$50 per day in case you are hiring for a week or less. In case you are hiring for more than a week, it is often let out at US$45 per day while costed between US$80 to US$90 with a driver and it often automatic gear shift.

2. Land Cruiser TX

4x4 Land Cruiser TX - self drive tours Uganda
4×4 Land Cruiser TX

The Land cruiser TX is sud divided into three, land cruiser with a pop up roof, Land cruiser sun roof and Land Cruiser hard top.

Land cruiser TX with pop up roof sometimes is charged slightly higher though you can get on a flat rate of US$70 per day. Though in the pick season of July and August; it might go for US$75 per day and US$120 with a driver

4×4 Pop up roof

The Land cruiser TX is a five to seven seater, though to sit comfortably; it is better for four to five people. It is also the best for camping with a roof top tent, besides the big boot for carrying extra Luggage.

Though the land cruiser TX is commonly an automatic gear shift, it is also available in manual gear shift category. You only have to specify when making your inquiry

Land cruiser Tx with a Roof top tent

The roof top tent is hired for US$20 to US$25 depending on the time of the year.

3. Land cruiser TZ

4×4 Toyota Prado from US$70 / Day

The Land cruiser TZ is almost the same size with the Land cruiser TX, the only difference is; the Land Cruiser TZ has an AC behind while the land cruiser TX only has an AC at the dash board.

Depending on where you hire it from, the Land cruiser TZ ranges between US$70 to US$75 per day and US$120 with a driver. It is also slightly more comfortable than the Land cruiser TX

It is not common to find a land cruiser TZ with a pop up roof.

4. Land Cruiser GX

The Land cruiser Gx is slightly stronger than the land cruiser TX and TZ. It is available in automatic gear shift as well as manual gear shift.

It can be let out with a rooftop tent just like the land cruiser Tx and Tz. It has ample space in the back for carrying a fridge.

It ranges between US$85 to US$100 depending on the season of the year.

5. Land Cruiser V8

Land Cruiser V8 model 2007

The Land Cruiser V8 is the most comfortable of all the safari cars above. It is often hired at US$100 or more per day. It is also fit for the roof top tent.

6. Land Cruiser 5 seater

The land cruiser 5 seater is often hired at US$150 per day without a driver

7. Land Cruiser Extended

The land cruiser extended is often hired at US$250 with a driver. The land cruiser extended is not often hired out without a driver.

Tourist Van

The van is hired at US$80 to US$85 per day less of fuel and driver. It is fit for carrying between eight to twelve people.

Coaster (mini bus)

Coaster hire ranges between US$100 to US$150 per day with a driver but less of fuel

Thanks to 4x4Uganda for the photos