Rwanda Expedition -An Unforgettable Adventure

Rwanda is known as the country with a thousand of hills and those numerous hills there are natural beauties that exist. This is why Rwanda has become an ideal tourism gem for many people around in the world. Thousands and thousands of people fly to Rwanda to experience its wildlife. Rwanda’s wildlife is not just common wildlife; it’s wildlife that cannot easily be found anywhere else. This why it has all the bragging rights to label itself the number one top tourism destination in the great lakes region.

Rwanda is naturally designed for adventure experience as it has the mountain gorillas which are one of the rare species of gorillas to see in this varsity world. These species of gorillas are about 900 individuals in the world and Rwanda has a third of the population. Mountain gorillas are endangered species of animals under the red list of International Union of Conservation for Nature. Visiting them is one way of keeping them alive so that they do not get extinct since the money the tourists pay to watch the mountain gorillas is injected in conservation and preservation efforts.

The latter is not only the reason as to why the mountain gorillas are unique animals to watch but also their eye catching social characters make them the best wild animals to watch in their natural setting. Mountain gorillas are well organized animals in their family hierarchy as there is serious respect of different individuals in the gorilla groups. The alpha male is the ultimate head of the family and everything rotates around him. Their communication is both vocal and of sign language like humans. It is really a unique adventure to watch the gorillas in Rwanda at volcanoes national park.

Rwanda is a country with several hilly areas and this is why it is called a land of a thousand hills and among those hills, there are very magnificent ones with lashing green cover. They always give an onlooker a very beautiful scenic view that can make one forget all the worries and wonder how God is an amazing artist. Apart from scenic viewing, these mountains are good for hiking which is also a very competitive adventurous activity.

Reaching at the peak of a mountain gives a traveler self satisfaction of overcoming a tough challenge of hiking a feature of such great heights like these mountains. The mountains to hike in Rwanda are found in the Virunga ranges that is Karisimbi and Bisoke mountains. A four day trip to these amazing is adventure that can never forgotten. It takes two days to hike the Karisimbi range and the hiker sleeps at the peak of the range and then slopes back the following and Bisoke is a one day hike adventure. On top of hiking, camping is also done at these amazing ranges. At camp sites one gets to read a novel around the fire, telling past interesting stories and also having Nyama Chomo. It feels so nice to camp on these mountains as it makes one forget all the problems in the world.

Rwanda is also a home to 13 different species of primates namely the chimpanzees, blue monkeys, red tailed monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey and vevet monkeys among the special ones. It is always wonderful to hang out with these playful primates as they jump from one tree canopy to another. Primate tracking is done in Nyungwe forest national park in the southwest. Within this very park, one can also enjoy another adventure of a canopy walk where visitors move an elevated trail on top of the tree canopies having an aerial view of the park. This canopy trail in Rwanda is the highest in the Eastafrican region as it stands at the height of 35 meters.

With gorilla trekking, primates tracking and mountain hiking rolling on your court at the trip a traveler can have an unforgettable adventure in Rwanda.