The Best Boutique Hotels In Rwanda

Have you ever bothered to know what makes a safari complete? Perhaps this is the least thing that ever comes at the back of a traveler and yet it is one most significant factor to put into consideration. Availability of accommodation options at a destination makes someone’s vacation absolute.

As for Rwanda, there are a variety of accommodation options in Kigali capital city and outside of the city as well as in its national parks where most safaris are always done. It all depends on your class, but there are options for everyone whether you are a budget or high-end traveler. Aside from this, they are strategically located to allow you to realize your dreams in the destination. The notable ones include;

  • Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel   

This accommodation facility is located just a few minutes’ drive from Volcanoes National Park headquarters in Kinigi. For those of you whose dream is to go on a gorilla safari in Africa / Rwanda’s Volcanoes N.P, consider Five Volcanoes Boutique hotel a must for your overnight stay. This hotel was named after Volcanoes Park as it refuges all the 5 Volcanoes that make up the 8 mighty Virunga Volcanoes. The facility comprises of 13 en-suite bedrooms with double rooms as well as twin configurations and not forget VIP cottage. The cottage it’s self is ideal for visitors on family tour or if you are traveling as friends. The major amenities in this hotel facility include garden, restaurant, pool, fireplace and many more. This hotel is just 15 minutes’ drive to Kinigi park headquarters and a private double room goes at approximately US$340 per night.

  • Cormoran Lodge

This lodge is set within Kibuye village just on the eastern Lake Kivu shoreline. Due to strategic location, most travelers choose this lodge for an overnight stay as it rewards with dramatic views of the stunning Lakeside sunset after gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. Its wooden bungalows are perched on stilts and if you are looking for that one exceptional place for your weekend getaways, then look no further than Cormoran Lodge. Besides, it allows you to engage in a number of thrilling activities especially boat rides, kayaking, tea tasting or simply relax with your dear ones. It is however one major stopover if you are planning to head to explore the Virunga Volcanoes or Nyungwe Forest National Park. It consists of 6 (six) cabins, Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, en-suite bathroom.

  • Ubumwe Grande Hotel

If you are looking for uniquely stylish hotels with exceptional views then Ubumwe Grande Hotel is the right place for you. Its bar and pool are all strategically situated and come with breathtaking views of its surrounding areas. A private double room in this hotel can be got at $30. This hotel lies within a hundred meters’ drive off Kigali tourist office and it comes with air-conditioned rooms, free private parking, and others.

  • Hotel Paradis Malahide

This hotel is perfectly located within Rubona village, seven kilometers south of Gisenyi. Its straddles along Lake Kivu shores and boasts of its dramatic views of the spectacular islands within this water body as well as the nearby mountain. A private double room in this hotel facility can be got even at $143. It is composed of six bungalows, 4 apartments and accommodates children of all ages.

  • La Locanda

After or before your thrilling experiences at the volcanoes, visit La Locanda for a warm and refreshing evening relaxation while on fireplace as you have some tea or a glass of Italian red wine. This hotel facility is straddles just outside Musanze and it is owned by Italians. It comes with the best beds, nice gardens, clean bathrooms and it is the best for budget travelers on Rwanda safari. This guesthouse lies within 20 minutes’ walk to the center.

  • Heaven Boutique Hotel

This hotel is located near Kigali city center and boasts of its tranquility. It is a perfect place if you are looking for areas to go and relax, inside it, comes with amazing decorations and amazing views. Heaven hotel lies within 20 minutes’ drive off Kigali Airport and five minutes to the genocide center. It is best for business visitors and tourists as well. A private double room in this hotel can be got at $108.

  • Gisakura Guesthouse

If you are a midrange traveler and you are on Rwanda safari, Gisakura Guesthouse is that one place you should have your overnight stay. It is one of the ideal areas for visitor overnight stay in Nyungwe Forest National Park. It lies within two kilometers’ drive just outside the park and very close to Gisakura Tea Estate.

  • Ruzizi Tented Lodge

This tented lodge is the best family-friendly property and lies in the southern side of Akagera National Park just on Lake Ihema. Its tents are eco-friendly and very comfortable. If you are interested in wildlife viewing experiences, this is the best place for you as Akagera National Park is undoubtedly the only savanna protected area in Rwanda with savanna wildlife species. This lodge takes over 20 visitors and it was opened in November 2012 making it the first of its kind in the land of a thousand hills.

  • Hotel chez Lando

This accommodation property is very famous because of its exceptional onsite restaurant and its strategic location within Remera business suburb about 5 minutes’ drive from Kigali Airport. It has existed since 1980 and its surrounding areas offer that refreshing, vibrant and conducive atmosphere for you and your dear ones to chill and relax out. It consists of 82 rooms. Others include Rwiza village, Muhazi beach hotel, Dereva hotel, Golf Eden rock hotel, and hotel ibis.

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