Oman Air operation in Kenya to improve tourist numbers

The Oman Air launched a new 4 times weekly flight from Muscat to Nairobi, the Kenya Capital and this started in March 2017 on 27th. This has greatly impacted positively the tourism industry in Kenya since there is an increase of the tourists from the Middle East which has raised the tourism revenues with in Kenya hence improving the development of this great country.

This move is the latest in this airline’s striving and the changing programme of the fleet and the network growth. This service will be carried out by Boeing 737-800 and will be departing from Muscat on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays at exactly 14:50 and reaching Nairobi at 18:55. And from Nairobi, these flights will be departing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Friday and Sunday at exactly 00: 45 and reaching Muscat at 06:50.

Nairobi City – Africa

With Nairobi, there will also be suitable connections to many other points in Africa in collaboration with Kenyan Airways. The new Oman Air route to Nairobi is a very vital development for both of these countries. It’s also known that trade between Oman and Kenya has been growing progressively over the years and the new flight will also facilitate the increase in the bilateral trade as well as investment opportunities.

The Oman Airline is also very dedicated to ensuring that the guests have a greater choice and the chance to discover new places with Oman Air and are also pleased to also be offering many more business as well as leisure travellers the opportunity of traveling between Kenya and Oman and beyond.

Giraffe in Tsavo East National Park

For those traveling to Nairobi, you will get chance to enjoy this vibrant city with good cultural life, great places to eat from and the fabulous avenues and much adventures. Even though you are travelling for leisure, business, the guests should take the time to view the wildlife, national parks, hike to the Mount Kilimanjaro, the National museum and the many beautiful beaches in Mombasa.

This operation will help in increasing the number of tourists that are interested in coming to Kenya for tourism and into East Africa in general. Kenya has got many tourist attractions and most of these include; the National parks that include; the Masai Mara National park, AmboselI National park, Aberdane National park, Tsavo National park, Nairobi National park, Lake Nakuru National park, Sambaru National reserve, Meru National park, Mt Elgon National park, Saiwa Swamp National park, Shima hills National reserve. All these national parks have got variety of animal species that can be enjoyed by the tourists that come to Kenya. At the neighbourhood in Uganda, we find half of the world’s last remaining population of the endangered mountain gorillas. Mountain gorilla tracking is a must do when you visit East Africa.

Mountain Gorilla Tracking in bwindi N.P

Kenya and all East African countries in general will greatly benefit from these operations since tourists from the Middle East will be encouraged to fly into East Africa for their holidays / Vacation. The other airlines that operate the same route include; South African Airline, Rwanda Airline, Kenya Airways, Fly Dubai and many more.