Kinigi Cultural Center

Are you planning to spend your next vacation in the Volcanoes National Park and you are interested in cultural encounters? While Kinigi is famous for mountain gorilla tours in Rwanda, a cultural trip to this incredible town rewards travelers with the most thrilling experiences of lifetime

For cultural enthusiasts, Kinigi cultural village is a remarkable center of a kind that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on cultural and gorilla safari in Volcanoes National Park. This cultural village features as the perfect place for visitors to experience the authentic local cultural highlights of the Rwandan residents especially their history and culture and offers opportunity to visitors to explore in depth on how they and their traditional lifestyles affect the modern ways of the people. Kinigi Cultural Center displays the natural link of community socio-economic way of life and nature appeal to mankind.

The community establishment, traditional medicines, dances, singing and archery are also equally presented. A visit to this cultural center rewards visitors with the most thrilling traditional dances, farming, making banana wine and the life of royalty. The Kinigi cultural center is incredibly interesting place with other tourist attractions like the local King’s compound called Igikari. You will be filled with values that linked with assisting local resident’s development especially commercial enterprises, creative ways in which they are earning a living and many more.  For your stay over, you can opt for accommodation facilities like the Virunga Hotel, Fatima Hotel, Ruhondo Beach Resort and you will realize your long time dreams.

Kinigi lies at altitude 2200 meters at Volcanoes National Park border area and features as the main sector in Musanze town with five villages and 28 sub villages. It comprises of population size of 22271, 10105 of which are men and 12166 are females on a total surface area of about 81.04 square kilometers representing about 15.3 percent of the overall Musanze town surface area. Kinigi local residents depend on subsistence farming and Irish potatoes are largely cultivated around the area. Kinigi Natural Experience is a perfect way in which you can explore in depth the surrounding community and the village landscapes as well as the natural beauty and way of living of Kinigi residents.

Kinigi natural village walk takes you through the natural village with natural and modern activities. The activities blend with natural harmony of Kinigi landscape and activities in the area and reward you with breathtaking naturalness and community lifestyles that come with lifetime experiences. The walk lasts for 2 to 3 hours via the stunning landscape of Kinigi area.

Local market and vending

A local market is conducted within the area two times in Kinigi cultural center and comes with exciting and bustling with locals and incredible activities in the open air market offering travelers a chance to experience what the daily life of the local vendors is all about. Vendors sell everything that you need but mostly food stuffs. The local farmers come with their produce for sell and others just come to purchase what they want and after they have sold what they harvested. Bargaining is a way to go for transactions at the local market and you have to be a strong bargainer if you are to get what you want otherwise life can be very challenging for you. After the transactions the locals find time for them to gather together and share locally made beer with friends prior returning to their homes.

Getting to Kinigi cultural center

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In conclusion, Kinigi Cultural Center is remarkably one of the perfect areas that you must pay a visit while on gorilla safari to Volcanoes National Park. Generally, Kinigi is famous not only for gorilla safaris but also for remarkable cultural encounters.