Mountain Hiking


In Rwanda, mountain hiking /climbing safaris are conducted on Mountain Karisimbi, Mountain Muhabura and Mountain Visoke/ Bisoke. In Volcanoes National Park, there is more than golden monkeys and mountain gorilla trekking–there is also Mountain climbing to the above mentioned Virunga Volcanoes. Many Tour operators and Travel Agents in Rwanda combine gorilla tracking with mountain hiking adventures especially to great hikers. Below are the mountain hiking options available in Rwanda;

Climbing Mountain Visoke or Bisoke- Volcanoes National Park Rwanda: The volcano is elevated at the summit of 3700 meters above the sea level. At the top, Visoke is crowned by the U-shaped hollow containing water – Crater Lake. It’s not so challenging climb but weak and unfit climbers may find it hard due to its steep stretches along some trails.

Mountain Visoke is shared by Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo however, the crater and the summit are all in Rwanda. The round circuit takes approximately 5 hours – 3 hours ascent and sloping is approximately 2 hours –thus climbing is more challenging than sloping down.

Porters are ever available to help the weak to carry their luggage and it is highly advisable to carry packed lunch (water and Food).

Long sleeved shirts, Hats, rain jacket, hiking boots among others should be among your hiking gears. The scenic view of the slopes is amazing but those who manage to reach the top- enjoy more!

Also note that Dian Fossey Tomb is situated at the slopes of Mount Karisoke but the hike to the tomb takes 3-4 hours. Dian Fossey is and each tour is booked independently at different costs.

The trek is available from the Volcanoes National Park headquarters. Karisoke scientific base was established by Dian Fossey in the saddle area between two volcanoes

Climbing Mountain Muhabura – Volcanoes National Park Rwanda: It is the second highest peak in Volcanoes National Park. Muhabura extends to Uganda thus can be climbed on either side of the boarder. Like Visoke, Muhabura also possess a crater lake and you are free to swim or walk around the crater or sit and chill while viewing the slopes of other volcanoes – on clear day you can even view distant volcanoes in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Ascending and descending is done in one day though the hike is challenging.

Climbing Mount Karisimbi – 2 days hike: From the bottom to the top, you need to spend two days. Mountain Karisimbi is among the snow capped volcanoes in Africa – thus unforgettable hike. The hike requires Camping gears since climbers spend a night on the mountain – the guides are always in position to give advises and informative messages to every bodies’ question.