Why you should visit Tanzania?

Tanzania’s tourism industry is growing at a faster rate and this is because of the marketing that has been done by the government of Tanzania to improve the tourism sector in East Africa, this has also attracted many travellers to visit Tanzania and below are the many reasons why you need to include Tanzania on your vacation to East Africa.

Wildlife viewing and Nature safaris

Tanzania, as a country has large numbers of wildlife that are spread all over the country and each wildlife species, shows its features that are particular to the ecosystem. This country has got national parks as well as reserves that are located in remote areas like the Selous and the Mahale mountains. The country has also got over 3000 lions within the Selous National Park, the chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains National Park as well as in Gombe Stream National Park. There are also many wildebeests within Serengeti National park.

Gombe Stream National Park

There are also the chimpanzee safari programs within the mountains of Mahale and have got a good number of chimps, the visitors can undertake chimpanzee trekking to the southwestern national park, chimpanzee trekking can also be done in Gombe stream national park

There is also an active adventure where you can climb the natural wonder of the world, mainly known as Mount Kilimanjaro, this is also easily accessible by the climbers. The routes here suit well with varying lifestyles that make mount Kilimanjaro a must climb for the people who want to adventure nature or view the ecosystems as well as the wonderful terrains. Mountain climbing can also be done on OlDonyoLengai mountain of God that remains so inactive to the present.

Beautiful Zanzibar Beaches

Beautiful Zanzibar Beaches

There are also the beach holidays that are found on the Indian Ocean. Here the visitors take time off their busy schedule and enjoy a vacation far away from anything that is done routinely. The ocean here provides the clients with a chance to select the beach sports that they like. The white sandy beaches can be enjoyed at Zanzibar under a palm umbrella as you view the blue waters.

The eco-tourism adventures are also common in Tanzania, the clients who prefer a true African safari that runs by the true people of Africa in an environment where your accommodation facilities are built by the local people in Africa using natural fabrics. It’s also known that the revenues from such tour activities go directly towards the local people.

There are also historical adventures as well as the great cultural adventures that happened in Tanzania a long time ago. You can visit the real place in Ujiji in southwestern Tanzania, were the centuries happened as well as the Zanzibar as Bagamoyo were you will learn about the trade history and its effects. You can as well enjoy Tanzania’s tribes and the cultural adventures that will give a great opportunity to the clients to meet the many ways of life, rituals, of the people of Tanzania.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Tanzania

The other reasons you should visit Tanzania include; the marine experience, where Tanzania gives the underwater paradise for the marine lovers that visit Pemba, Zanzibar and Mafia. There are many interesting reefs, which have shallow rocky areas, there is also the pristine beauty, relaxation and the peace, the country offers peace and relaxation programs to the visitors who take off to the remote areas like to Kigoma which is located on the shores of the great Lake Tanganyika and have days to spend. You can as well enjoy the eighth wonders of the world which is the Ngorongoro crater that will change your mind about visiting Tanzania and Africa at large.