A Vacation to Ssese Islands at Brovad Sands Lodge

Ssese Islands are famous for its 84 archipelagos and the rich history of the Bassese people who used to inhabit the islands. The Islands is a definitive Ugandan tropical island for unwinding. It is additionally well known for its tropical forest and lovely beaches with white sand. The island is situated in the North West of Lake Victoria; the biggest lake in Africa and second on the world.

Among the 84 islands that make Ssese islands, Bugala Island is the largest and most developed with the best lodging facilities and activities on Ssese Islands, which makes an awesome destination for vacation and amazing white sand. The islands natural beauty joined with its rich history and friendly people makes Ssese Islands perfect destination to visit in case you desire a perfect Ugandan paradise.

Ssese Islands’ most famous Island is Bugala which has good white sand and warm, clear waters. It’s where you can find the luxurious island beach resort, for example, Brovad Sands Lodge. This lovely resort lodge is a little Luxury Hotels of Ssese and was ranked by TripAdvisor as the best resort hotel on the Ssese Islands. In case you need a luxurious stay just right on the beach, Brovad Sands Lodge is the best decision for you, and a standout amongst other alternatives in the Uganda vacation hotels and resorts.

The resort is situated on the North West Ssese Islands a standout amongst the most authentic and segregated places on the Islands, making it the ideal spot for sunset walks besides the lapping waves. The Lake in this area of the island is always calm which makes it the ideal swimming place and a variety of exciting water-sport and beach activities.

Brovad Sands Lodge Restaurant; At our stylish Restaurant you can appreciate delicious meals, with a lot of intriguing local foods and ingredients on offer. Buffet breakfasts are amazing, and include lots of Ugandan things to try.

The lodge has the best lodging facilities to give you an ideal stay on the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria.