2021 Christmas Gorilla Vacation: Uganda or Rwanda?

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Are you planning a to take a gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda during this Christmas season? Look no further, here is a complete guide to help you to choose a perfect destination for gorilla trekking despite of the Covid-19 pandemic that has made travel worldwide unpredictable!

Gorilla trekking in Uganda takes place in Mgahinga and Bwindi Gorilla National Parks, while in Rwanda, gorilla trekking takes place in the Magnificent Volcanoes National Park.

While planning your gorilla holiday for this Christmas season, have it in mind that the cost of each gorilla permit in Rwanda is USD1500, and USD700 per gorilla permit in Uganda. Your planned budget here will definitely determine whether to go gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda.

For over a year, the boarders between Rwanda and Uganda have been closed, and as we speak now, the boarders are still closed. Tourists used to fly into Rwanda, and cross the boarder to visit Uganda but this is no-longer possible. We all know that Uganda has much more to offer in terms of wildlife, and a combination of Rwanda and Uganda brings up a perfect gorilla safari experience.

Therefore, for those who want to combine gorilla trekking with other safari adventures such as game viewing, chimps and other primates tracking, mountain climbing, River boat cruise, white water rafting, Zip-lining, cultural encounters and gorilla habituation experience, Uganda is the best choice for you. However much Rwanda also offers chimps tracking in Nyungwe National Park and wildlife viewing in Akagera National Park, Uganda stands in a better positions than Rwanda in terms of rich bio-diversity.

Uganda and Rwanda Boarders still closed

Covid-19 restrictions in Uganda are less compared to Rwanda. In Uganda, the tourist comes with Negative PCR results, and he / she automatically start his / her safari in Uganda.

In Rwanda, every tourist comes in must be tested and quarantined in the hotel for 24 hours until his or her results are back. The situation in both countries favors everyone fully vaccinated.

Cultural encounters are currently restricted in Rwanda. Tourists are not allowed to interact with the local communities as a strategy to control the spread of the virus. However in Uganda, tourists freely interact with the local communities with face masks on and social-distancing. Therefore, if you are planning a gorilla safari for this Christmas holiday for your family with interest in interaction with the local communities, then Uganda is the best choice.

In conclusion therefore, in normal situations, most travelers enjoy combining gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda or DR Congo on a single trip when the boarders are open. However, when corona-virus broke-out in the world, these kind of trips are now impossible because the boarders are between the best two gorilla destinations are closed. Therefore, if you are planning a safari with a visit to more-than one country, you can combine Uganda with Kenya and Tanzania because, the boarders for these countries are open.