How to successfully plan for a self drive trip in Uganda

In case you’re planning a trip to Uganda more especially a self drive trip / a road trip , the first thing to think about is the car to use after make some research on the conditions of the roads to the destinations you will to travel to. Most interesting destinations in Uganda are found in remote areas of the country and the roads in these areas are in bad conditions so a 4×4 vehicle is a must and you need to get ready for adventure. The travel time you are used to in your country for example USA, Europe and others don’t apply here

There are some good roads in the country more especially those in city centers but most roads practically those outside the city are badly potholed and the time of travel can be doubled. When I visited Uganda I wanted to travel from Kampala to Kidepo Valley National Park and coming back in two days but I found myself spending 3 days because of the rough roads to the park.

In the country there are some attractions more especially those in cities and some who are just few kilometers from the main cities like Lake Mburo National Park where you will need only 2WD car to visit them because these parks are just near the highway and can easily be reached.

While renting a self drive vehicle in Uganda for a trip, make sure that the vehicle you get has a spare tire, towing strap, jump start cables and Jack, also make sure you hire a 4×4 drive car and if you not sure of how to use the 4×4 system, ask them to teach how it work because you will need it. I generally find too much information is better than being stranded in the heat of the day with no phone reception and nowhere to go.

Also if you going for a long adventure trip don’t forget to ask for Radiator Grille Grass-Net which fits over the front of the 4X4 grille, which keeps the grass seeds from going into you grille and overheating your radiator. This has happened to me and I was stranded for a day in north eastern Uganda in Kidepo Valley National Park and I was waiting for someone from Kampala and come and blow out seeds from the radiator grille by high pressured hose.

In case you to go off road during your trip, please make sure at least to stop every hour or two to check for grass that might be stuck under your car. The exhaust gets exceptionally hot and the grass could ignite and after that your vehicle will be ablaze.

Always ensure to have a pair of gloves in your recovery kit so you don’t get burnt when removing the grass from the hot exhaust!

Plan your excursion to different wildlife parks painstakingly, in light of the fact that there are several stunning stopovers en route. Some guidance when driving – it’s better to leave early enough in the morning to avoid getting held up in morning traffic jam on the roads as this can really ruin your safari.

In case you planning to visit east African region on a self drive trip, you will need to be careful when choosing the right and reliable car rental agency. Among the reliable companies you can choose from include; 4×4 Uganda Ltd, Self Drive Uganda Ltd,  Rental Cars Uganda Ltd all in Uganda, in Kenya companies like 4×4 self drive Kenya, 4×4 – Kenya Ltd among others.