Reasons why we not Recommend Self Drive safaris in Uganda

Ugandans are among the friendliest and gentlest people in the world. They are calm, well mannered and have lots patience, that is, until kind, well mannered and patient person get behind the steering wheal, and every thing change and now there is this heartless, in a hurry, impatient and ruthless person who acts as if the road and made for him only, the rules of the road don’t exist – you are passed and even overtaken on a blind corner – the traffic laws exist however regularly are not implemented nor are they obeyed.

Uganda is among the countries in Africa and in the world with highest road accident and fatality rates and it absolutely is not the nation for an unwinding Wildlife Self-Drive Road Safari and it might just drive you insane.

Obstacles on the Road
On a self drive safari in Uganda, you will find a types of obstacles like; near national parks you might find wild animals like; elephants, buffaloes, elephants among others. In the countryside, you might find cows, goats, chicken, and village people. In case you accidentally hit something, do not stop, but just go to the nearest police station and report the incident, if you stop you might be attacked by the village people which could be harmful to you and those with you.

Bad Road Conditions
Most roads in the country have vastly improved, even President Museveni has expressed that he enjoys most roads, however he presumably has not been on the ones that you will encounter on your Uganda self drive safari.

Pot-Holes the size of a potential Tilapia Fish-Farm, dusty, bumpy with those unsavory hindrances in every hamlet, called dozing policemen.

The bad road conditions in the country often lead to accidents and that is one reason why Uganda excels, despite the fact that improvements have been made throughout the most recent few years.

Avoid Night Driving
The road rules change at night in Uganda. Quite some drivers will drive without headlights. Drunk driving is also common, Ugandans consume more alcohol in the content with exception of Nigerians.
We rarely drive at night except the route between Kampala to Entebbe International Airport but driving at night in the countryside, there is also other reason for potential for roadside holdups.