Tourism industry contribute to the growth of car rental in Uganda

The tourism industry is among the rapidly developing sector in Uganda with thousands of visitors flying in the country to explore the different tourist attractions in the country. Some of the main factor to the development of Uganda tourism industry is the presence of the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla Park. Mountain gorillas can be found in only three countries in the world that is Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). But visiting them safely currently is done in Uganda and Rwanda.

As of now, these countries receive the highest number of tourists in the region and gorilla trekking is the highlight of any trip to Africa.
However, due to high prices of the gorilla trekking permits in these countries like in Uganda its USD600 per person and in Rwanda the price was recently doubled from USD750 to USD1500, some tourists are looking for the way to cut these high expenses and they resorted to self drive gorilla tours whereby they just secure their gorilla permits and hire a self drive car and save the money they would use to pay the guide. According the key players, tourism has exclusively driven the car rental industry to heights and it’s the main reason why people now purchase vehicles for business other than personal utilize.

This is how the amazing tourist attraction and the rapid developing tourism industry have contributed to the development of car rental services in Uganda. When tourists want to visit the country, after confirming they first think of getting a tour operator to help them plan the safari perfectly and then they will have book certain things before they go for a safari like the accommodation, gorilla permits in case they are going for gorilla trekking, and definitely they have to book a car to use on transportation to different safari destinations. When the tour company is in process of planning a trip for their clients, they have to visit the car rental company to hire the vehicle according to their clients’ request. That is how the car rental company gains from the tourism industry. Some clients most especially those visiting the country for the second time, they actually book the car themselves without passing through a tour operator. Actually some tour companies have included a car rental department in their companies like, 4×4 Uganda ltd is under African Jungle Adventures Ltd, Self Drive Uganda is under Active African Vacations Ltd and others.