Gorilla Trekking Experience in Uganda

There is nothing on this planet earth which can perfectly explain the amazing experience with the encounter rare and endangered gorillas in Africa. Uganda is among the few African countries that offer trips to see these amazing primates in their natural environment in the mountains and dense forests of southwestern part of the country.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks are the two destinations in Uganda where tourists can go to visit mountain gorillas and these two parks houses almost half the remaining population of mountain gorillas in the world more than 500 out of the 900 mountain gorillas left in the world live Uganda only.

Mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Virunga Forests or Bwindi Forest National Park, ranks among the best highlights of safaris top Africa. The excitement of the first setting eyes on a wild mountain gorilla is hard to describe anyway it’s viewed as a minute in life extremely hard to forget.

During the twentieth century, there was fear that these animals will face extinction taking after the trends of historical relics that are no more. This was a consequence of poaching, habitat loss, hunting spot, conflicts and other factors was among the main problems that this hypothesis would turn into a true and then the Uganda gorilla safaris would be no more. Appreciation should go to the government, the Tourism Ministry, the ranger guides who monitor these animals on a regular routine and the local community particularly those who live near parks for the continued conservation to the survival of these few remaining primates on the planet.

Gorillas are huge creatures up to three times heavier than the average man, their size is overestimated by a shaggily flourishing coat. Regardless of their fearsome appearance, these animals are uniquely peaceful and they can be visited safely in their natural habitat without harm to tourists as they are habituated to human standards, these animals are visited daily by tourists. Almost every tourist who visits the gorillas feels almost spiritual sound, the mountain gorillas are additionally anxious to study the human guest; the male sliverback gorilla will gently look into the eye of a human as if looking for a connection. Trekking mountain gorillas is known as a wonderful and rewarding experience that tourists on a gorilla safari can peacefully enjoy. Trekking gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest happens at around 1,500m above ocean level, however in the Virungas the gorillas are often encountered at about 3,000m.

Trekking gorillas is a rewarding tourist activity in spite of the fact that somewhat challenging as visiting them depends on where they spent their last night from, the trails some of the time include going through sloppy and steep slops and thick forest.

Bear in mind to put on your sturdiest hiking shoes, and wear thick trousers and long sleeves as protection against vicious nettles. It’s frequently frosty in the forest so bring a sweater or shirt. Ounce they are met you will overlook all the challenges you’ve experienced and use the one hour you are just permitted to stay with these amazing animals. Take as many photographs as you can in spite of the fact that a flash camera is not permitted.